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Agar's Claw

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Agar's Claw map Agar’s Claw is the northernmost known region in Ezin. It is home to some of the youngest cultures in the Realm of Kaizen, and some of the most stable civilizations. It borders the Qa’idu Expanse, the Red Range to the south, the Northern Depths to the north, and the Silver Sea to the east. Additionally, the continent of Ipquth is directly to the north-east.

Agar’s Claw is home to the kingdoms of Gowyr, Alavaster, Kerwyn, Thuren, and Stone. Some of it’s largest settlements are Cyrita, Kylergale, and Startown. The region is home to many dense forests in the south, and plains to the east. It is the only region, other than along Blood Bay and the Black Bay in the far east, that is home to mineral rich stone shores.

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