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Brian Callahagan IV

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Brian Callahagan IV

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Biographical Information
Reign 1300 AR - 1338 AR
Full name King Brian Callahagan ua Owen, uic Marix
Alias The Iron Jaw
Titles King of Callahagan
Lord of Callahag Keep
Guardian of the Shadow Forest
Born in 1276 AR, at Callahag Keep
Died in 1338 AR, at Callahag Keep
Family Information
House House Callahagan
Predecessor King Owen
Successor King Eadward
Queen Elen Clover
Issue Prince Eadward
Prince Medwin
Prince Padric
Prince Garwyn
Princess Caitlin
Father King Owen
Mother Queen Gemma Whitegrass
Culture Timbermen

King Brian Callahagan IV (1276 AR - 1338 AR) was the King of Callahagan and Lord of Callahag Keep. He ascended to the throne after the death of his father, King Owen.

As a response to his own father's poor judgement and lack of care for politics, Brian IV spent his life attempting to gather alliances through marriage and careful planning. The marriage of his daughter, Caitlin, to the King of Kerwyn brought a new strong ally to the house.

Brian IV married Elen of House Clover, having five children with her: Eadward, Medwin, Padric, Caitlin, and Garwyn. His children proved strong and capable, with Eadward gaining the cleverness of his father.


Brian Callahagan was born in 1276 AR, an autumn and the year of the mother's pig. He was the eldest son of Owen Callahagan and Gemma Whitegrass, spent his childhood in the walls of Callahag Keep. His elder sister Bruna would marry Geoffrey Lannon, the third son of a minor lord. His younger brother Derek would kill the heir of Castle Wen, fleeing to a mercenary company in the Qa'idu Expanse. Cormac, his second brother, would join an exhibition to the far west and disappear.

In his youth, Brian was obsessed with histories and politics. He was quick, with a mind more fit for a Goodseer than a knight. He was known to skip arms training to read or chat with scholars and seers. As a young man, Brian saw his father as being extremely weak. He opposed his sister's marriage to the landless Geoffrey Lannon, and his later knighting by his father.

After the disappearance of his two brothers, Brian began to become paranoid that he was destined to suffer some similar fate. He effectively took control of the kingdom after his grandfather's death, and his father's ascention to the throne.

Preceded by
Owen Callahagan
Kings of Callahagan
1300-1338 AR
Succeeded by
Eadward Callahagan

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