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Callahag Keep

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Callahag illustration Callahag Keep is the seat of House Callahagan, located in a clearing between the north and south Shadow Forest along the southern shore of Elf's Rill. King Eadward Callahagan is the current Lord of Callahag Keep.


At the conclusion of the Ulrialuy War, Eadrix Callahagan (who had sided with the Greenloards) established House Callahagan and was given an old wooden fort which he called Callahag Keep. Initially located in the Timberdom of Elfwen, after the Third War of Elfwen Suppression, the keep and House Callahagan came under the overlordship of House Gowyr.

Soon after the war, and the death of his father, Lord Brian "the Builder" Callahagan began the construction of a new, stone, stone castle along the Elf's Rill. This new castle would stand atop a short hill, with the river to the north and the Shadow Forest to the south. A thick wooden wall surrounded the inner stone wall and the castle inside. Simple stone towers rose within, and the castle held a strong inner-sanctum and long hall (called the Bear's Lodge).

As the region grew in population, a small village called "Beartown" formed on the other side of the river to the north of the castle.

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