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Cormac Callahagan

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House Callahagan arms House Callahagan arms Green Prince
Cormac Callahagan

Cormac Callahagan portrait

Full name Prince Cormac Callahagan ua Eadward
Title Green Prince
House House Callahagan
Father King Eadward Callahagan
Mother Queen Brianna Cedar
Born in 1334 AR, at Callahag Keep
Culture Timbermen

Prince Cormac Callahagan is the Green Prince of the Kingdom of Callahagan and heir to Callahag Keep. The son of King Eadward Callahagan and Queen Brianna of House Cedar, his siblings are Princess Ceira, Prince Brian, Princess Liana, Prince Seán, and the newly-born Prince Nolan.

Appearance and personality

A boy of 17 years nearly a man grown, Cormac is over a foot shorter than his father, but has the shape of a warrior and is still growing. He has the brown hair and blue eyes of his father.

Cormac is enthusiastic and persuasive, and is gracious, honest and independent. He easily makes friends easily, although his conceited nature causes plenty of grievances.

Cormac is very close with his younger sister Ceira, and helps his brother Brian practice at sword daily.


Cormac Callahagan was born in 1334, a spring and the first year of the daughter's fish. The son of then-prince Eadward Callahagan and Brianna of House Cedar, he was named Cormac Callahagan ua Brian and raised at Callahag Keep with his siblings Ceira, Brian, Liana, Seán, and the newly-born Prince Nolan.

Cormac is promised to Alina of House Starheart.

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