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Eadward Callahagan

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Eadward Callahagan

Eadward Callahagan portrait
Biographical Information
Reign 1338 AR - present
Full name King Eadward Callahagan ua Brian, uic Aghine
Alias Ead
The Bear
The High-Handed
Titles King of Callahagan
Lord of Callahag Keep
Guardian of the Shadow Forest
Born in 1308 AR, at Callahag Keep
Family Information
House House Callahagan
Predecessor King Brian IV
Heir Prince Cormac
Queen Queen Brianna Cedar
Issue Prince Cormac
Prince Brian
Prince Seán
Prince Nolan
Princess Ceira
Princess Liana
Father King Brian IV
Mother Queen Elen Clover
Culture Timbermen

King Eadward Callahagan (Longulri: Eadward Callahagan ua Brian, uic Aghine; born 1308 AR) is the King of Callahagan, Lord of Callahag Keep, and the head of House Callahagan. He ascended to the throne after the death of his father, Brian IV.

Appearance and personality

Like the rest of House Callahagan, Eadward is unusually tall and strong—standing nearly seven feet tall. He wears his dark brown hair sheared short, and sports an impressive wild beard. He typically wears iron plate over chainmail, with a checked black and red wool cloak pinned up by an ornate bronze bear (a gift from Lord Orson Fletchour on his coronation).

Eadward is seen as a great warrior, proving his skill during his father's reign at Black Cairn and the Tourney at Cedar Hall. Eadward wields his family's ancestral sword Heartache, although he prefers a warhammer.



Eadward Callahagan was born in 1308 AR, an autumn and the third year of the son's horse. The first son of then-prince Brian Callahagan and Elen Clover, Eadward grew up in Callahag Keep with his siblings Medwin, Padric, Caitlin, and Garwyn. Padric was stronger than Eadward, although slower of wit. Medwin became fat with wine and boar before his father even sat the throne. Caitlin would marry the future King of Kerwyn, Alexander Kerwyn, while Garwyn would be born sickly and confined to the family castle.

Eadward squired for Wyatt Maelgwyn in his youth, living at Cedar Hall for several years. It was here that Eadward befriended Edwyn Cedar.

At Black Cairn (a grave site outside the village of Farfalls) Eadward encountered White Darell and the Bloody Eagles. In the prince's company was his master Wyatt Maelgwyn and Sir Darnell Darkforest, as well as Edwyn Cedar. During the fight Edwyn was injurred by one of the Bloody Eagles, and Eadward took a wound as he slew White Darell with his warhammer.

Tourney at Cedar Hall

In 1333, Lord Drystan Cedar held a tournament at Cedar Hall to celebrate the marriage of his son Edwyn to Mary Clover. As was customary, King Brian IV and the royal family attended the elaborate affair. Upon arriving, the King and royal family greeted Lord Drystan and his family. Eadward embraced his dearest friend, Edwyn, and congratulated him on his bride. He then met with Lord Drystan's youngest daughter, Brianna, who he fell in love with.

On the first day of events, Eadward secretly arranged to enter the lists. He wore a closed helmet and old armor to disguise his identity. In the jousts, Eadward unhorsed his former master Wyatt Maelgwyn, as well as the Sir Duncan Pike and Ralf Clover. At the conclusion of the tournament, Eadward stood before his father and Lord Drystan and removed himself revealing his identity. His friend Edwyn laughed, Lord Drystan stared in amusement, and his father stared on with an angry look. Eadward dedicated his win to Brianna, declaring her the most beautiful maiden in the realm. He asked her father for her hand in marriage that night.

Together, Eadward and Brianna had six children; Cormac, Ceira, Brian, Liana, Seán, and the newly-born Nolan. His sons would prove strong and quick like their father, and his daughters would be beautiful like their mother.

King of Callahagan

After his father's death in 1338 AR, Eadward became King of Callahagan. As the seers placed a crown upon his head, they name to be Eadward Callahagan au Brian, uic Aghine (literally "the High-Handed"). Lords from around the realm came to curry favor at his corronation. Prince Arnold Gryff, heir to the throne of Alavaster, attended and the two agreed to marry Eadward's recently born daughter Ceira and Arnold's eldest son Arthur whenever the two came of age.

Preceded by
Brian Callahagan IV
Kings of Callahagan
1338 AR - present

Heir apparent:
Cormac Callahagan

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