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House Callahagan

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House Callahagan of Callahag Keep
House Callahagan of Callahag Keep
Blazon A black bear on a bloody red field
(Murray, a black bear rampent.)
Motto Bravery Will Overcome the Mighty
Seat Callahag Keep
Head King Eadward Callahagan
Region Shadow Forest
Titles King of Callahagan
Lord of Callahag Keep
Guardian of the Shadow Forest
Overlord none
Heir Prince Cormac Callahagan
Ancestral weapon Heartache
Cadet Branch House Callahagan of Bear Hall

House Callahagan of Callahag Keep is a royal house from the Shadow Forest on Agar's Claw. The current head is King Eadward Callahagan, the King of Callahagan. Their blazon is a black bear rampent on a blood red field, and their motto is "Bravery Will Overcome the Mighty."



Members of House Callahagan are typically very tall, with most being at least six feet and some as tall as seven feet. They have dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, with faces covered in freckles.


During the Ulrialuy War, Eadrix of Callahag fought on the side of the Greenloards. Heartache came into his posession during the war, and after the war he founded House Callahagan and was given an old wood fort which he called Callahag Keep.

Stoneking Conquest

At the conclusion of the Stoneking Conquest—which resulted in the destruction of House Gowyr—the lords of the Shadow Forest met at Greenwood to decide who would become their new king, and the Guardian of the Shadow Forest. The main claiments were Lord Jeryd Howler, who served as Marshal and de-facto Guardian of the Shadow Forest near the conclusion of the war; Lord Cyneric Cynrigh, the leader of the formerly royal House Cynrigh; Nestor Greenblood, a distant relative of House Gowyr; and Lord Brian Callahagan, who had broken the main invasion force and helped bring an end to the war.

The meeting was presided over by Lord Leo Wyrin, and would four months. Every other day the lords would meet in the great hall and cast their votes, with a requirement of two-thirds of the vote necessary to win. Nestor Greenblood was the first to withdraw from the vote after only a fortnight. A month later Lord Cynrigh would drop from the lists, leaving only the lords Jeryd Howler and Brian Callahagan to compete for the title.

As the weeks passed, neither managed to gain the majority of the votes. After three months of voting had passed, Lord Jeryd Howler became enraged and began to taunt his opponent. This would prove to be his undoing, and over the week Lord Brian Callahagan would gain more votes until finally winning.


The known members of House Callahagan by 1351 AR are:

King Eadward's siblings and their offspring: King Eadward's other close kin:

Behind the scenes

House Callahagan is one of the oldest aspects of the Realm of Kaizen canon. The creation of the house dates back to 2014, when it was established as a great house of the IFSM. It was created by Edward Fitzpatrick, a friend of Daniel Meyer's and one of the members of the Realm of Kaizen, Oakbury, and IFSM. House Callahagan of Callahag's Keep would become House Callahagan of Prego in Daniel's next worldbuilding project, only to become House Callahagan of Callahag Keep whenever The Realm of Kaizen was created again in 2017.

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