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Eadward Callahagan portrait by Gibslythe

King Eadward Callahagan (Longulri: Eadward Callahagan ua Brian, uic Aghine; born 1308 AR) is the King of Callahagan, Lord of Callahag Keep, and the head of House Callahagan. He ascended to the throne after the death of his father, Brian IV.

Like the rest of House Callahagan, Eadward is unusually tall and strong—standing nearly seven feet tall. He wears his dark brown hair sheared short, and sports an impressive wild beard. He typically wears iron plate over chainmail, with a checked black and red wool cloak pinned up by an ornate bronze bear (a gift from Lord Orson Fletchour on his coronation).

Eadward is seen as a great warrior, proving his skill during his father's reign at Black Cairn and the Tourney at Cedar Hall. Eadward wields his family's ancestral sword Heartache, although he prefers a warhammer.

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