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Padric Callahagan

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Padric Callahagan

Padric Callahagan portrait

Full name Sir Padric Callahagan ua Brian
Title Sir
House House Callahagan
Father King Brian Callahagan IV
Mother Queen Elen Clover
Born in 1311 AR, at Callahag Keep
Culture Timbermen

Sir Padric Callahagan is the third son of King Brian Callahagan IV and Queen Elen of House Clover. Padric is the brother of King Eadward, as well as Caitlin, Medwin, and Garwyn of House Callahagan.

Appearance and personality

Padric is tall and strong, larger than his brother Eadward and with thick features. He wears his hair short, and boasts thick sideburns that frame his face. He has the brown hair and blue eyes of his father. In battle he wears thick iron plate, with a great helm and a steel great sword. To distinguish himself, Padric wears a purple and gold patterned cloak, and his shield is painted with his personal coat of arms.

Although strong of will, Padric is considered to have not inherited his father's cunning. He is always joking, mocking those around him, although he is quick to anger.


Padric Callahagan was born in 1311 AR, a spring and the first year of the son's fish. The third son of King Brian Callahagan IV and Queen Elen of House Clover, his siblings are Eadward, Medwin, Caitlin, and Garwyn.

In 1333 AR, Padric attended the Edwyn Cedar's wedding tournament at Cedar Hall with the rest of the royal family. The tournament was held by Lord Drystan Cedar as a celebration of the marriage of his son Edwyn to Mary Clover. During the tournament Medwin would participate in the joust, being defeated on the second day by Peete Cedar. His brother Eadward would go on to become the champion of the joust, dedicating his win to Lord Drystan's youngest daughter Brianna Cedar.

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