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Brian Callahagan

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Brian Callahagan

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Full name Brian Callahagan ua Eadward
Alias The Black Cub
Title Prince
House House Callahagan
Father Eadward Callahagan
Mother Brianna Cedar
Born in 399 ATR, at Callahag Keep
Religion Mothúism
Culture Timbermen

Brian Callahagan is a prince of House Callahagan and the second son of Queen Brianna and King Eadward Callahagan. He has two elder siblings: Cormac and Ceira; and two younger siblings: Liana and Seán.

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Appearance and personality

Brian is 13 years old and takes mostly after his mother, Brianna of House Cedar. He has his mother's black hair, which tumbles down to his shoulders, and blue eyes. Because of this, he is sometimes called "The Black Cub." He is clumsy and gentle, and prefers reading over fighting.

Brian looks up to his elder brother, Cormac, and practices at sword with him daily. His father Eadward is frustrated about how different the two are, although he is supportive and believes Brian should become a Goodseer to serve his brother. Brian is very close to his mother, so much so that his father blames her for his weakness.


Born at Callahag Keep in 399 ATR during a summer year, Brian is the second son and child of Brianna Cedar and Eadward Callahagan, king of Callahagan. He was named after his late grandfather, King Brian IV. Brian has two elder siblings: Cormac and Ceira; and two younger siblings: Liana and Seán. As a child, Brian was educated and became close to Goodseer Owen and trained with weapons by the master-at-arms, Sir Siarl Glynn.

Brian enjoys reading, and spends much of his time exploring the library at Callahag Keep. His favorite books are about the histories of Aboria and its mythology. He is also enthralled by tales of knights and heroes, and dreams of becoming a warrior and travelling the world. However, he is clumbsy and cowardly. Brian practices at sword with his elder brother Cormac daily, although he never seems to improve. He is also very inquisitive, and enjoys asking questions and learning about the castle staff.

Behind the scenes

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