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Ceira Callahagan

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Ceira Callahagan

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Full name Ceira Callahagan ua Eadward
Title Princess
House House Callahagan
Father Eadward Callahagan
Mother Brianna Cedar
Born in 397 ATR, at Callahag Keep
Religion Mothúism
Culture Timbermen

Ceira Callahagan is a princess of House Callahagan and the eldest daughter of of Queen Brianna and King Eadward Callahagan. She has three brothers: Cormac, Brian, and Seán; and a younger sister: Liana.

1  Appearance and personality
2  Behind the scenes

Appearance and personality

Ceira is traditionally beautiful, taking after her father's family with freckles, blue eyes, and thick brown hair. She is fifteen years old, and her figure has been described as tall, graceful and womanly.

Ceira was raised a lady, and is interested in music, poetry, singing, dancing and other traditional feminine activities. She loves stories of romance and adventure, and dreams of honorable knights, chivalry, and falling in love with a handsome prince.

Ceira's mother Brianna views her as innocent and childish, and as a result their relationship is strained. She is very close with her elder brother Cormac, who she admires.

Behind the scenes

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