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Mothúism, sometimes referred to as the Timbermen mythology, is a monotheistic religion which is dominant across most of Aboria. Mothúism emerged in the late Moraluy Age during the life of Owen the Author, who recorded the teachings of Tosach the Angel in the Leabharmór.


The beliefs of Mothúism are primarily based on the teachings of Tosach in the Leabharmór, which has been interpreted differently by Mothúist thinkers and clergymen. There are two main schools of Mothúism: Mothúist mysticism and monastic Mothúism. Mothúist mysticism was influenced by early animist beliefs and the Great Storyteller mythology, and many mystics consider believe the oak tree to be the manifestation of the divine. The monastic Mothúists adhere strictly to Cothromaigh's Edicts and the teachings of prominent clergy. There are several religious orders, including the Order of Gardeners and Brothers of Ciarán.

The Leabharmór

The Leabharmór, often called the Great Book, is a collection of Mothúist scripture written by Owen the Author.

The Tosach

The Tosach is the name given to the first chapter of the Leabharmór, and recounts the teachings of an angel named Tosach who visits the Realm of Kaizen to teach "the truth of the invisible reality." The angel appears to three shepherds (Ryan the Martyr, Brian the Judge, and Owen the Author), and reveals that the universe was created by Cothromaigh, an omnipotent and omnipresent god who created order out of the chaos of the "primordial depths".

Ryan demands Tosach reveal to him the purpose of life, and the angel declares that our purpose in life is to overcome suffering through the worship of Cothromaigh and his creation (typically interpreted as respect for the natural elements). Tosach is then asked by Brian to reveal how to worship Cothromaigh, to which he replies that "his Edicts are that which eliminate suffering, namely: 'thou shalt not lie', 'thou shall respect thy fellow man', 'thou shalt not covet nor desire', 'thou shalt not steal', 'thou shalt not find joy in killing', and 'thou shall respect these teachings, and those of thy elders." Owen then asked who should follow these edicts, to which Tosach replies, "All the men of the earth."



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