Brianna Cedar

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Brianna Callahagan

Brianna Cedar portrait Portrait of Brianna Cedar by Hannah Gibby
Full name Brianna Callahagan ua Drystan née Cedar
Title Queen of Callahagan
Lady of Callahag Keep
House House Cedar
Spouse Eadward
Father Drystan Cedar
Mother Meaghan Darkforest
Born in 379 ATR, at Cedar Hall
Religion Mothúism
Culture Timbermen

Brianna of House Cedar is the youngest daughter of Lord Drystan Cedar and his wife, Lady Meaghan Darkforest. Brianna is married to Eadward Callahagan, the King of Callahagan, and is the mother of Cormac, Ceira, Brian, Liana, and Seán of House Callahagan.

Appearance and personality

Brianna has black hair and dark green eyes, with light freckles covering her face and body. She is of an average height, and has the body of a healthy full grown woman. She looks young for her age.