Callahag Keep

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Callahag Keep
Callahag illustration
Illustration by Jonás López Moreno
Category Large stone castle
Faction Kingdom of Callahagan
Location Shadow Forest, Aboria
Government House Callahagan, feudal lord
Religion Mothúism
Founded Timberking Age

Callahag Keep is the seat of House Callahagan of the Kingdom of Callahagan, and is considered the capital of the kingdom. It is located along the northern coast of Turtle River, on the southern edge of the Shadow Forest. The small village of Oxhaven lies southeast along the river, while the town of Moonford lies east at the confluence of the Steaming Rill and Turtle River. It is roughly 150 leagues (five hundred miles) northeast from Rosehorn.


The original foundations of Callahag Keep were raised during the Timberking Age by Eadrix Callahagan, who had been awarded land south of the Shadow Forest by a Cathaoir king. This land contained an old royal hunting lodge (called the Bear Lodge), which would be expanded by Eadrix.


Callahag Keep is a huge castle complex spanning several acres and protected by two massive stone walls. There is a village outside, Beartown. Inside Winterfell stands the inner castle, which contains the Great Keep and the Bear Lodge. The Great Keep is the innermost castle and stronghold of the castle complex, while the Bear Lodge is used for receiving guests and the place where the household would dine together.


Beartown is a small village that has formed on the southern side of the Turtle River. Its market square is filled with wooden stalls for merchants, while its streets are muddy and lined with rows of houses made from log and undressed stone. There are several businesses in the town, including the Shaking Trout Inn.


Sir Brian Howler is the steward of Callahag Keep, while Goodseer Owen tudors the children of King Eadward. Douglas Yates is the chamberlain and treasurer, Sir Siarl Glynn serves as master-at-arms, and Sir Lance Demont is captain of the House Callahagan guards. Auricor Giles is the priest of Margir, while Hair-of-Feathers is the castle's Mothúist priestess. Other servants include the master of horse Hasard, the kennelmaster Colmer, the blacksmith Allen, the cook Hugo, and the brewer Oswyn.

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