Cormac Callahagan

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House Callahagan arms House Callahagan arms Crown Prince
Cormac Callahagan

Cormac Callahagan portrait Portrait of Cormac Callahagan by Hannah Gibby
Full name Cormac Callahagan ua Eadward
Title Crown Prince
Heir of Callahag Keep
House House Callahagan
Father Eadward
Mother Brianna Cedar
Born in 395 ATR, at Callahag Keep
Religion Mothúism
Culture Timbermen

Cormac Callahagan is the eldest son of of Queen Brianna and King Eadward Callahagan and the heir of Callahag Keep and the Kingdom of Callahagan. He has two younger brothers: Brian and Seán; and two younger sisters: Ceira and Liana.

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Appearance and personality

A boy of 17 years and nearly a man grown, Cormac is shorter than his father Eadward but has the shape of a warrior. He has brown hair which he wears long and tied into a ponytail, and has blue eyes. He is said to resemble his father. Cormac is enthusiastic and independent, which sometimes gets him in trouble. He is charismatic and makes friends easily, although he is often impatient.

Cormac is very close with his younger sister Ceira, and helps his brother Brian practice at sword daily. He also enjoys hunting with his father and training with the master-at-arms, Sir Siarl Glynn.


Born at Callahag Keep in 395 ATR during an especially warm summer year, Cormac is the eldest child of Brianna Cedar and Eadward Callahagan, king of Callahagan. He was named after his great-great-grandfather, King Cormac II. Cormac has two younger brothers: Brian and Seán; and two younger sisters: Ceira and Liana.

Cormac was raised at Callahag Keep as his father's heir, and is close to his father. He was educated by Goodseer Owen and frequently trains at weapons with the master-at-arms, Sir Siarl Glynn. Cormac trains daily at arms with his brother Brian, and the two dream of becoming a mighty knights and heroes.

Cormac is closest to his younger sister Ceira, and the two are often inseparable. Ceira likes to sing and play the harp for Cormac, and enjoys watching him train.

Behind the scenes