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Mothúism, sometimes referred to as the Timberman mythology, is a monotheistic religion dominant across most of Aboria. It is the traditional religion of the timbermen, although the Thuren worship a similar mythos.

Scholars of the faith hold that Cothromaigh sent an angel named Tosach to reveal his laws and edicts to three shepherds; Ryan the Martyr, Brian the Judge, and Owen the Author. Ryan would become the first knight, Brian the first king, and Owen the first priest—writing the central text of Mothúism, the Leabharmór. According to the Order of Goodseer, Mothúism seems to have replaced the earlier Great Storyteller tradition, which had been prominent during most of the early Coraluy Age. Scholars estimate that the religion emerged during the mid-Coraluy Age, although it did not gain prominance until the establishment of the Kingdom of Cathaoir in 3334 BTR.

The Leabharmór is made up of several stories, beginning with The Saothar concluding with The Tosach. The central theme of the great book is the relationship between order and chaos, representated by the god Cothromaigh and his adversary, the spirit Anordúil. In the creation myth, Cothromaigh destroys Anordúil and breaks her into pieces, using those pieces to create the world. The majority of the stories follow individuals known as paragons, as they explore consciousness and morality. Mothúist followers also recognize the existence of spirits, which represent the pure essance of being (known as mothú), and manifest themselves in multiple forms: rocks, trees, rivers, animals, places, and even people.


The term "Mothúism" originated from the term referring to the pure essance of being, which is known as mothú. This mysterious substance is not material (being cosmic, infinite, and invisible), and makes up everything in the universe—including Cothromaigh himself. Followers of Mothúism are referred to by many names, with the most common being 'sons/daughters of Cothromaigh' or simply 'Mothúists'.

The majority of the terminology used in Mothúism is based on the Irish language. In universe, these terms are a part of Longulri, the traditional language of the timbermen. For additional information and background on specific terms, see "Mothúism Glossary".


The teachings of Mothúism are based primarily on the stories in the Leabharmór, which has been interpreted differently by Mothúist thinkers and clergymen. There are two main schools of Mothúism: Mothúist mysticism and monastic Mothúism. Mothúist mysticism was influenced by early animist beliefs and the Great Storyteller tradition, and many mystics consider believe the oak tree to be the manifestation of the divine spirit. The monastic Mothúists adhere strictly to Cothromaigh's Edicts and the teachings of prominent clergy. There are several religious orders, including the Order of Gardeners, Brothers of Ciarán, and Order of Foresters.

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