Siarl Glynn

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Sir Siarl Glynn of House Glynn's personal arms Sir Siarl Glynn of House Glynn's personal arms Sir
Siarl Glynn

Siarl Glynn portrait Portrait of Siarl Glynn by Hannah Gibby
Full name Siarl Glynn ua Thorolf
Alias Siarl the Six Fingered
Elder Salmon
Title Sir
Knight of Glynn Homestead
Allegiance House Glynn (exiled)
House Callahagan
Spouse Ann Glynn
Father Thorolf Glynn
Mother Groa Glynn
Born in 348 ATR, at Deadhand
Religion Mothúism
Culture Thuren

Sir Siarl Glynn is the Knight of Glynn Homestead, head of House Glynn of the Shadow Forest, and a member of the House Callahagan household. He is the father of Ead Glynn and the master-at-arms of Callahag Keep, in which capacity he trained Eadward Callahagan and his children at arms.

Appearance and personality

Sir Siarl is a stout man, with broad shoulders and a salt-and-pepper beard. He has gone almost bald, and lost four of his fingers to frostbite. Siarl dislikes music and singing, and he has said, "The only singing I tolerate is that of a seagull." He has been afraid of the sea ever since the shipwreck that lost him his fingers.

Sir Siarl is loyal and courageous, and has done his best to assimilate into Timbermen society. He feels like an outsider, being Thuren.


Siarl Glynn was born in 348 ATR, the son of of Thorolf Glynn, Lord of Deadhand, and his third wife Groa. He spent his youth adventuring around Brach Rock with his siblings, and developed a skill at fighting. Although one of Lord Thorolf's youngest children, Siarl grew larger and stronger than his brothers. This caused his brother Adrian Glynn, Thorolf's eldest son and heir, to conspire to have him killed. The sixteen year old Siarl was confronted by three of his elder brothers, including Adrian, who attempted to kill Siarl after luring him to a cliff. Siarl managed to kill two of his attackers using a dagger, before throwing Adrian from the cliff. He immediately told his father about the encounter, who ultimately exiled him for fratricide.

For over a decade Siarl lived in exile, serving on fishing and raiding ships. He fathered several bastards, including one with a Mothúist priestess who he raped. In 375 ATR, while returning from a whaling voyage in the Silver Sea, Siarl's ship was damaged in a terrible storm and sunk. Siarl survived for days in the frigid water, floating on a piece of wood, until he washed up on the northern Aborian shore. He was discovered by a Mothúist monk, who cared for him until he grew stronger. Siarl suffered from frostbite as a result of days in freezing water, and lost four of his fingers (three on his left hand and one on his right). During his time in the monastery, Siarl confessed to his lifetime of sins and abandoned his old gods.

Siarl spent a year with the monastery, before setting out into the world. He traveled through the Kingdom of Callahagan, doing small jobs for peasants and merchants. In 378 ATR he heard of a tournament being held at Callahag Keep to find a replacement for their former master-at-arms. Siarl attended, and ultimately beat all other contestants despite his physical injuries. King Brian Callahagan IV was impressed, and awarded Siarl the position of master-at-arms.

Over the next several years, Siarl trained Brian's children at arms. When King Eadward's children were born, Siarl trained them as well. In 381 ATR, Siarl married a common-girl named Ann and had several children with her. He was eventually gifted land in the Shadow Forest by King Eadward, and he named his eldest son Ead.